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These are Service Letters and photo's, for general interest, and to help

Studebaker owners maintain their vehicle.


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General V8 Engine, Tunnel Sizes New
General Power Steering Conversion - RHD
General V8 Engine Rear Main Seal
1928 to 1966 Engine Paint Colour Guide
1951 to 1964 Cylinder Head Identification Guide
May 1962 Elegance in Wheel Trim
28 Oct 1962 Engine Chrome Dress-Up Kit
26 Dec 1962 S-1963-1: Bell Crank Bracket
1962 to 1964 Carter Carburettor Identification Guide
09 Jan 1963 J-1963-5: Charger Booster Cables
10 Apr 1963 J-1963-3a: Spark Plugs
26 Apr 1963 J-1963-13: Light Switch Circuit Breaker
17 Jun 1963 D-1963-6: Improve Brake Operation
16 Aug 1963 F-1963-16: Instrument Board Safety Pad Cover
25 Oct 1963 J-1964-2: Polarity Caution Decal
31 Oct 1963 F-1964-3: Sun Visor Retaining Bracket
03 Dec 1963 F-1964-5: Water in Tail Lamp Housing
09 Apr 1964 J-1964-7: Revised Front Lenses
02 Dec 1964 C-1964-1: Wheel Disc Anti Creep Retainer

 11 Feb 1965

J-1965-4: Instrument Panel Switches
13 Dec 1965 F-1966-3: Misalignment of Front Seat Backs


Rubber Installation Guide

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