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Studebaker Queensland was founded in 2003 when I began buying out the parts stocks of various Studebaker collectors from around Brisbane.

In 2004 we made our first trip to the US, buying up parts from all over the country.

In 2005 I purchased a large stock of Studebaker truck parts from a Sydney club member.

In 2009 I imported the largest ever order of N.O.S. panels from the former SASCO (Studebaker Autoparts Sales Corporation) into Australia just before there business closed.

Studebaker Queensland officially became a full time business in April 2010 and this website was launched shortly after.  Further stock was imported from the US in 2010 and 2011.

Another trip to the US in 2012 resulted in three rare cars and 12 pallets of rare parts being imported. This included a large quantity of N.O.S. upholstery and high performance engine parts.

We now have over 7000 part numbers in stock and are determined to provide the best quality of parts, service and advice in the industry.


Many of you will already be aware of the new company that we formed in March 2014 with the goal of providing a greatly expanded range of Studebaker parts, restoration supplies and general servicing items, including a full range of oils, lubricants, coolant and sealants for your vehicle.

In May we opened a new retail store in Brisbane, the first of its type since 1966!

Here you will find a huge range of parts and accessories on display. Everything from rare factory accessories, disc brake kits, chrome parts, model cars, carpet kits and clothing!

In November we purchased Ian Mackellars former Studebaker parts business in Melbourne. This massive inventory includes complete Avanti engines, power steering kits, tooling, N.O.S. panels and the rights to manufacture a full range of windscreens, two 20ft shipping containers crammed full!

In the months ahead, we will be sorting through this new inventory and adding new part numbers and regular updates to our website and ‘Parts Specials’ will continue to be advertised in Stude News.

We are also looking to manufacture a greater number of parts locally. In addition to windscreens, we can also supply sway bars, engine mounts, transmission mounts, flex plates and some lenses, all made here in Australia.

2015 is going to be a great year for Studebaker owners and we hope to meet many more of you in our Brisbane store or at the upcoming Wagga Wagga National Meet this Easter.





Shown below are samples of stock and various venues.




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